Compact Hardware Kit

Compact Hardware Kit

  • IRIS is an affordable software and hardware 3D impulse response measurement system
  • The system consists of:
    • IRIS Software and USB dongle
    • Core Sound TetraMic
    • MOTU 4pre USB audio interface
    • Custom phantom power and microphone cable adapters
    • 30 metre CAT5E STP microphone array extension cable
    • Pelican Storm case with custom foam cut-out

(Note: The user must provide their own source loudspeaker which fulfils the directivity requirements as specified by ISO 3382:2009-1.)

Simple Operation

Simple Operation

  • Simple and user friendly setup and measurement process
  • All data is gathered in a single exponential sine sweep recording
  • Default settings suitable for most measurement situations with advanced options available. 
Visual Output

Visual Output

  • 3D colour-coded representation of sound rays
  • Length indicates relative sound intensity level, angle is the ray direction, and colour represents time of arrival
  • Separate music, speech and studio (small room) arrival time categories
  • Interactive 3D rotation and zoom
  • Dynamic range and time resolution adjustment
  • Specific angle, level and time information for individual rays for a detailed analysis
  • Broadband, octave band and other filtered views
Impulse Response

Impulse Response

  • Traditional omnidirectional waveform views
  • Dynamic interaction between the IRIS plot and waveform view – rays selected in one view are highlighted in the other view
  • Automatic detection of onset time with manual adjustment
Room Acoustic Parameters

Room Acoustic Parameters

  • Standard acoustic parameters are displayed in table and graph form
  • EDT, T20, T30, G, G Early, G Late, LF, LFC, GLL, D50, C50, C80, Ts, ST Early and ST Late are calculated in octave bands in accordance with ISO 3382-1:2009
  • (Coming soon) Facility to calibrate sound sources in a diffuse field or free field for sound strength measurement (G, G Early, G Late and GLL)
  • LF measurement is very simple and practical - the system is pre-calibrated and automatically aligns a virtual figure-of-8 microphone in post-processing. Click here for information about how LF measurement was validated.
  • Tables can be saved to clipboard or exported as a spreadsheet

What people are saying

  • I regard the acoustic designs of Marshall Day Acoustics to be amongst the finest and probably the most innovative in the world.

    Dr Anders Gade, Technical University of Denmark
  • The success of a musical performance depends on the sense of proximity of performer to listener. This sense is mediated largely by the directional properties of the reflected sound field.

    Sir Harold Marshall
  • The operation and configuration of IRIS is effortless...

    Sebastià V. Amengual Garí