IRIS on display at inter.noise 2014

20 November 2014
IRIS on display at inter.noise 2014

IRIS was on display at inter.noise 2014 in Melbourne recently, alongside other products by Marshall Day Acoustics.

Christopher Day presented a paper, "Validation of lateral fraction results in room acoustic measurements", by Daniel Protheroe and Christopher Day. This paper discussed a technique using simulated sound fields to validate lateral fraction (LF) measurement systems, including IRIS. It was found IRIS could measure LF accurate to within one JND of the calculated values.

IRIS greatly simplifies the measurement of LF compared to traditional techniques by eliminating the need to calibrate sensitivities and align multiple microphones.

Click here to download a copy of the paper.

What people are saying

  • Marshall Day Software is like having an acoustic laboratory in the palm of your hand.

    Associate Professor Yan Xiang, Tsinghua University
  • The success of a musical performance depends on the sense of proximity of performer to listener. This sense is mediated largely by the directional properties of the reflected sound field.

    Sir Harold Marshall
  • The operation and configuration of IRIS is effortless...

    Sebastià V. Amengual Garí