Marshall Day Acoustics release IRIS 3D impulse response measurement system

13 November 2013
Marshall Day Acoustics release IRIS 3D impulse response measurement system

It's not often something really new comes along in the Room Acoustics field, but Marshall Day Acoustics has just released a new measurement system that promises to provide a dramatic step forward in being able to understand the acoustics of rooms. The system comprises a tetrahedral microphone that can resolve the sound field into different directions, and software that can analyse the signals from the four microphones and present the information in simple yet elegant way that aids ones understanding of the behaviour of the sound field.

The IRIS system has been under development for nearly 3 years but it has its origins in the efforts by many researchers over the last 60 years to understand the factors that affect our appreciation of speech and music performed in Concert Halls, Opera Houses, Lecture Theatres and all the wide variety of spaces that are used for performance and communication.

The system uses existing readily available hardware, and the software runs on low cost laptop computers, thus providing a system that is affordable for consultants and educational institutes.

What people are saying

  • Marshall Day Software is like having an acoustic laboratory in the palm of your hand.

    Associate Professor Yan Xiang, Tsinghua University
  • The operation and configuration of IRIS is effortless...

    Sebastià V. Amengual Garí
  • I regard the acoustic designs of Marshall Day Acoustics to be amongst the finest and probably the most innovative in the world.

    Dr Anders Gade, Technical University of Denmark