Hugh Vivian Taylor Award 2016

14 November 2016
Hugh Vivian Taylor Award 2016

We're pleased to announce that on Saturday November 12, Marshall Day Acoustics was announced as winner of the 2016 the Hugh Vivian Taylor Award for the development of IRIS.

The award is presented by the Australian Association of Acoustical Consultants and recognises efforts in providing innovation, promoting consulting and advancing the field of acoustics.

What’s unique about IRIS is its ability to carry out a broad set of room acoustics measurements, including 3D impulse responses, quickly and easily. IRIS allows consultants to accurately measure a range of acoustic parameters including many which have traditionally been very difficult to obtain such as lateral fraction. The ease of use that IRIS offers can mean less time and cost on site for data acquisition and quicker reporting of results through more efficient data post-processing.

IRIS is the first widely available, commercial 3D acoustic impulse response measurement and visualisation system utilising an ambisonic sound field microphone. 

Marshall Day Acoustics is delighted that this is the second year in a row winning the award following last year's win for the Philharmonie de Paris.

What people are saying

  • The success of a musical performance depends on the sense of proximity of performer to listener. This sense is mediated largely by the directional properties of the reflected sound field.

    Sir Harold Marshall
  • The operation and configuration of IRIS is effortless...

    Sebastià V. Amengual Garí
  • I regard the acoustic designs of Marshall Day Acoustics to be amongst the finest and probably the most innovative in the world.

    Dr Anders Gade, Technical University of Denmark